I am a photographer who loves what I do.  What started as a part time job at a hospital taking newborn pictures in the birth center expanded to a passion that I knew I needed to pursue.  I took over as studio manager at a failing portrait studio in a big box store and turned it around in every aspect.  I spent some time there before moving on to a portrait studio in a large department store in a mall.  My position there was assistant manager for 7 years.  I then knew that I wanted to put my skills and knowledge to work in something that was not corporate run but rather run by me as an individual.  Thus Holly Taylor Photography was created.  I truly enjoyed my many years in a studio and the customers with which I worked.  Especially gratifying was watching them grow as I photographed them as babies, toddlers, and young children.  I was even fortunate enough to photograph some as the awesome young adults that they became.